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Small Footprint Simulator For Education & Training 

Dan Kost, CEO of USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is a US Army Veteran, Entrepreneur & Developer of Sustainable & exciting, new Advertising/Media Technologies. Dan has 40+ years of business experience, a master's degree in Real Estate from Jones International University & owns multiple businesses.

USA Entertainment Ventures (USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC), LLC. was founded in 2017 & launched in 2020 by Dan Kost. In the early 80’s Dan Kost also founded Dakdan Worldwide. USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is a professional & affordable Global Advertising/Media Firm utilizing Sustainability, Creative Thinking, SMART Products, Innovation & Technology as the core of its Product Development & Advertising Strategies. The Small Footprint Simulator is one of USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC SMART Products.

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is a CERTIFIED Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) & a registered Federal, State & Local Contractor. Its Family of Companies also include brands like Dakdan Entertainment, Sports Media, Zoo Media, Mobile Highway Advertising, Fanz, EVAcrossAmerica, Sportrons, RAMM, Teltrans Credit, ChaseDaddy, dakdan new networks & Television Networks & more.

With their Global Media, Technology & Manufacturing Presence, Partnerships & Team Member Industry Subject Matter Expertise, USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC helps their Customers experience the Next Generation of Competitive/Professional Gaming, Education/Training Curriculum & Technology.

Safety & Security

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC "Small Footprint Simulator Training Pod" is the World's #1 Choice for Technology, Durability, Comfort & Cross-training functionality.

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC takes Safety & Security Training seriously & will work together with the USDA’s FREE Programs to provide USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Security-Cleared Technology & other Premium Safety, Engineering & Technology Experts with the Small Footprint Training Unit to support each of their Program missions. USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC provides its Safety, Engineering & Technology Education & Training Programs to 40+ Industries.

Safety & Security

in Transportation:

Flight Training

Heavy Equipment Training

Automobile Driving

CDL Driving

Bus Driving



Small Footprint Simulator OSHA & DOT Certifications

The Small Footprint Simulator also provides Users access to hundreds of Safety & Security Certifications & Training Courses:
  • DOT 60/60 Supervisor Training presented by Bill Judge
  • DOT HAZMAT Advanced General Awareness Training
  • DOT HAZMAT Carrier Requirements • Air
  • DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training
  • DOT HAZMAT Training with IATA Requirements for Air Carriers
  • DOT HAZMAT Training with Rail Requirements
  • DOT HAZMAT with Highway Requirements
  • DOT HAZMAT: Carrier Requirements • Vessel
  • DOT HAZMAT: Labeling
  • DOT HAZMAT: Marking
  • Sit Down Forklift • Operator Safety Course Online
  • Stand Up Forklift • Operator Safety Course Online
  • Articulated Boom Truck (Knuckle Boom) • Operator Safety Course Online- Canada
  • Pedestal Mounted Crane • Operator Safety Course Online • Canada
  • Bulldozer (Track & Wheel Dozers) – Operator Safety Course Online – Canada
  • NEWS: USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC. adds Hundreds of Safety & Security Online Certifications to its Gaming, Education & Training Pod/Simulator

    USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC maintains a Cloud-based, OSHA, DOT & other Regulatory Organization Safety & Security Program that is available anywhere in the world to its Employees, Partners, Subcontractors/Suppliers & the General Public. OCONUS, USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC works closely with NEBOSH & OSAC & other local Regulatory Organizations, where it stays abreast of Safety & Security concerns to keep their Staff, Products & other assets secure.



    Workplace & Jobsite Safety

    HAZMAT • OSHA Jobsite & DOT Transportation



    Piracy & Counterfeiting

    Cyber Security & Compliance

    Additional Proposal Information

    Per FAR 15.6 USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC has restricted all Proprietary Information & its Size Limit to Five (5) Pages. For additional information concerning “Logistics, Safety & Security, Warranty, Risk & Distribution” (other Federal, State, or Local Agencies or Parties receiving the Proposal or funding the proposed effort), please click to Google Drive.

    Esports Flight Learning Vehicle

    USAEV has utilized the latest in technology, materials and equipment in the manufacturing of their Small Footprint Simulator, education and training pod. Our outsourced design and manufacturing partner has also achieved their ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS). Each Small Footprint Simulator is built out of sturdy ruggedized, lightweight aircraft aluminum, recessed wheels for relocation and uniform computer hardware for simplified updating/maintenance and wiring that is simplified to a single plugin.

    The Small Footprint Simulator comes with Dell Premium Support Plus, a comprehensive 4-Year Warranty that protects your investment from drops, spills and surges with ZERO deductible. The coverage includes:

    • Remote hardware and software technical support available over chat, email and phone
    • Onsite repairs including International travel support
    • Full network controls
    • Data backup support
    • Software for automated virus/malware
    • removal that mitigates problems before they occur and keeps your simulator running smoothly


    USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Small Footprint Simulator has been developed for a wide range of uses by the 40+ industries USAEV.net supports, including Gaming, Education of all types & Safety/Security Training Simulation. Per FAR 15.6, USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC provides its Small Footprint Simulator to the following:

    • All US Federal, State & Local Government Departments & Agencies, including Base Commissaries, PXs & BXs
    • Foreign Allied Governments (per FARS/DFARS)
    • US Large Prime Contractors + 30 million+ Small Business Concerns (SBCs)
    • 100 million US Consumers (B2C)
    • All Emergency & Disaster Management Agencies & Organizations
    • United Nations
    • Aid Coordination Groups
    • NGOs & other Development Organizations
    • Multilateral Development Banks, Financial Institutions & Sub-Regional Banks
    • Foundations, Charities, Corporate Philanthropists & Individual Donors

    USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC developed the Small Footprint Simulator Gaming, Education & Training Pod with its Customers in mind, utilizing only the latest in Technologies & designed for Durability, Comfort & Cross-training functionality. Its affordability by Businesses, Governments & Consumers of all types & sizes makes USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Small Footprint Simulator the World's #1 Choice for Simulation.

    Industries We Support

    • Aerospace
    • Agriculture & Farming
    • Associations
    • Automation & AI
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Chemicals
    • Communications
    • Compliance
    • Computers
    • Construction
    • Consulting
    • Defense
    • Disaster Management
    • Education
    • Electronics
    • Emergency Management Services
    • Engineering
    • Entertainment
    • Environmental
    • Facilities Management
    • Food & Beverage
    • Forestry & Logging
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Intelligence
    • IT
    • IoT
    • Laboratory Services
    • Life Sciences
    • Logistics & Supply Chain
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Operations & Maintenance
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Quality
    • Research & Analysis
    • Retail
    • Robotics
    • Safety
    • Security Services
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Technology
    • Textiles
    • Training
    • Utilities
    • Waste Managemen
    • Energy
    • Motor Vehicles