Small Footprint Simulator Designed for Training and Education, The POD

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The Small Footprint Simulator, (The Pods) is perfect for education and training, allowing students to safely practice before taking to the air, road or job site. Each Pod is designed to accommodate fully modular Pod controls for training on all types of motorized vehicles. Additionally, the Pod's controls, tools and software programs can be used to teach and train students in all types of new professions including Robotics, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Small Footprint Simulator

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC "Small Footprint Simulator" is the work simulator for technology, durability, comfort & cross training functionality.

Esports is a rapidly growing Global Market & USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC has developed the World’s #1 Gaming/Training Pod that standardizes the industry by leveling the playing field & ensuring that Competitions are won based on skill & not differing equipment & internet speeds. USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC also Partners with the Private Sector for High-Visibility Advertising & Students/Universities for Scholarship Opportunities. Sturdy & Stylish Cockpit Design, Wrap-around/Curved Monitors, Alienware Battle Station, Razer Enki Gaming Chair, Check your Score, High-speed Internet, High-resolution Webcams & much more…

Product Development/Use

The Small Footprint Simulator was developed to ensure a level/balanced playing field for training development & provides:

  • Increased Safety: Education and training for any industry utilizing controls, including Robotics (UXO), Transportation (Aviation, CDL, Auto, Bus and Heavy Equipment), Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Standardization: Each simulator utilizes the same equipment and internet speeds in order to ensure that competitions are won based on skill, not superior equipment.
  • Advertising/Marketing: Designed for sponsorship branding.
  • Early Flight Training for ROTC Programs
  • Standardized Internet: Ensures proper broadband controls for satellite qualifications and competitive training.
  • College Scholarship Programs: 192 Colleges and Universities now offer Esports scholarships.
  • Managing NFT Marketplace with live streaming
  • 100+ Control Option
USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Pods are perfect for Education & Training, allowing students to safely practice before taking to the air, road or jobsite. Each Pod is designed to accommodate fully modular training controls for training on all types of motorized vehicles. Additionally, the Pod’s Controls, Tools & Software Programs can be used to teach/train Students in all types of new professions, including Robotics, Manufacturing & Healthcare. Accessories Fully Equipped, 4-Year Warranty, Flying, Driving, Military Aircraft & Heavy Equipment Attachments, Virtual Reality System, Large Networks + Streaming, Big Data Collection & Sponsorship + Branding

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC. presents the Small footprint Simulator Gaming, Education & Training

"Take your Training to the Next Level"

With its sturdy construction (refer to “eSport’s Pod Walk-thru” during Design, Development & Manufacturing – 10/2021), leading Design/Manufacturing & interchangeable Electronics, Controls, Accessories & Seating, plus a 4-Year Comprehensive Warranty, USAEV’s Pod is the World’s #1 Choice for affordable Gaming, Education & Training Simulator/Pod Solutions.
USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is capable of producing hundreds of its Small Footprint Simulator monthly & has the capability & resources to produce 100 times more. They have Global Logistics (Transportation & Warehousing) capabilities with manufacturing in the US & warehousing available in the FREEZONE, Dubai, UAE & Yokohama, Japan. USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC experienced Designers work with each Customer to 1.) develop their Pod’s wrapping, 2.) manufactures the unit in a quality environment & 3.) then drop ships from the factory directly to its final destination. This saves everyone time & money, lowers transportation CO2 emissions & further protects our environment.
We look forward to serving your “Simulator, Education or Training” needs, will provide Custom Solutions upon request & thank you for your current Safety, Engineering & Technology Education Programs that will surely protect our Families, US Disaster/Emergency Management Systems/Programs & Environments for generations to come.

Thank you for taking the time to review our "Small Footprint Simulator,, Education & Training Pod." USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC understands Gaming Management, Safety, Security & Top Education/Training Simulation Programs & requests that you implement the Small Footprint Simulator, Pod into all Military Training Programs requiring Simulation or online Certification & Licensing.

The Small Footprint Simulator is fundamental for training in all areas of the Gaming Profession, Safety, Security, Engineering & Technology & USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is also one of the only companies developing Small Footprint Simulator Pod usage for 40+ Industries, including Healthcare (Surgical) & Manufacturing (Human–Machine Interface (HMI) Training).

The Small Footprint Simulator, Training Pod is an affordable, Mid-level Training Simulator that can be used for all types of Training & Testing & includes all related control features.


USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC is proud to design, manufacture & distribute the "Small Footprint Simulators" to its customers worldwide for use in Gaming, Education & Training Simulation purposes.

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC will act as the Prime Contractor for this Opportunity & would appreciate an Indefinite Delivery - Indefinite Quality (IDIQ-type) relationship with the Military, producing Simulator Pods on-demand & professionally designing your design/wrap in English or translated into 200+ languages. This is an affordable & effective Solution for your Safety, Engineering & Technology Education & Training Programs. As a BONUS, all customer Simulators Wrap Designs are always FREE.

Transportation/Delivery of the Small Footprint, Simulator, Education & Learning Pod...

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC designs, manufacturers & palletizes each Small Footprint Simulators at its Factory in Alabama & then drop ships by Sea, Air or Land to anywhere in the world or they can warehouse bulk orders in the US, Middle East (Dubai, UAE) or Far East (Yokohama, Japan). Additionally, their Factory-Trained & Systems-Certified Technicians will setup each Simulator & provide training to the Owner's Representative. For Large Quantity (Sales & Leasing Orders), especially for Tournaments, USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Technicians will setup all Pods, Test, provide Maintenance during the Event & then break down the Pods afterwards for shipping back to their Secure, Climate-controlled Warehouses.

USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC Manufacturing Facility operates 24/7, so new Pod Wrap Designs are completed & in production within 24-hours & the final Pod is shipped within 2-4 weeks.

  • SEA: Port of Mobile, AL to Customer Site or Warehousing
  • AIR: Mobile, AL to Customer Site or Warehousing
  • TRUCK: Continental USA 24/7 Schedule
  • RAIL: Truck to Mobile – Continental USA (Daily)

Global Delivery & Warehousing

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