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The next evolution in the realm of sports and gaming is about to make its grand appearance. When the two collide, it will create a union the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Gambling. An activity that mankind has enjoyed for thousands of years. In recent years, much gambling in North America is associated with the countless tribes of Native Americans scattered across this great country of ours. At present, all the casinos and other gambling operations run by the numerous tribes bring in approximately $27 billion on average. They rake in the big bucks with a number of clever tactics. But in the digital age of the 21st century, some new tactics are needed. Some that can keep up with the ever changing, ever evolving world that we live in. In recent years, a new form of gaming and betting known as Esports has become known. Like many forms of gaming and betting, it requires a level of technological innovation. The newest, most technologically up to date innovation in the world of Esports, and gambling in general, is known as the Esports Pod.

The Esports Pod, created by Dakdan Worldwide and affiliates, is the latest and greatest innovation in the realm of Esports, a new form of sports betting. As it is relatively new, not many have heard of it or are particularly invested in it. It is the hope of those behind the Esports Pod to change that in the very near future. At present, out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of colleges and universities across The United States of America, only 34 of them offer scholarships in the realm of Esports. there is much room for improvement and expansion. And as with any sort of betting platform, more improvement and more expansion can only lead to more money. It is hoped that this money can be spread between the noble Native Americans who will be helping to sponsor this new program, and the universities that will be hosting it and having scores of American youths become a part of this program.

The Esports Pod, designed by the European domain, is an all-purpose sports betting and gaming machine. The pod works by having all the fixings a modern betting machine might have. Everything from computer screens to the most up to date gaming consoles. It also comes equipped with features like extra screens, a steering wheel, pedals, the works. It’s like the ultimate gaming machine, and it can certainly be used for that. But it can, and will, also be used for sports betting once it is up and running.

The pod will work under the philosophy that all the equipment across all pods will virtually be the same. This way, if an Esports betting tournament is ever set up, no one has the advantage of using superior equipment to get an edge over the competition. The playing field will be completely even, and the participants will have to rely solely on skill in order to get ahead. Another major advantage of the Esports pod is that it will mostly be self-contained. There won’t be a multitude of wires that go every which way in order to make it work. All that will really be needed is to plug it into the local wi-fi of the area and it’s good to go. Of course, there will be some electrical plugs involved, but it won’t be nearly as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

In an attempt to allow the Esports Pod to see the light of day, the heads of Dakdan Worldwide and those backing them up in the creation of the Pod will be hosting a meeting the heads of numerous Native American Tribes on July 19th. In this meeting, Dakdan will attempt to convince them to sponsor the Esports program. Should they accept, it would mean that once the program is up and running, it could result in millions, if not billions, of dollars going back into their pockets. The program is based all around betting, and those who prove to be the best at it will ultimately put a great sum of money not only into their own bank accounts, but also the bank accounts of those who choose to sponsor them and decide to become their agents in the field.

Not to mention that everyone who participates, be they those who are not as good or those who will ultimately prove to be nigh unbeatable at it still will have to pay to play the game. And if the meeting with the Native American tribes goes well, then it is likely that the main and largest hubs for the sports betting arena that will be housing the Esports Pod will be located in any one of the numerous casinos and gambling houses owned by the Native Americans. Because of that, no matter who wins or loses in the betting arena, no matter who gets lucky and who doesn’t, the real winners, the real lucky ones, will be the owners of the casino that houses whichever Esports Pod is being used for betting at that particular moment.

Speaking of luck, an intense amount of it is needed to be successful at gambling. But luck is no substitute for pure skill. And skill is an essential tool for all the best gamblers and betters. At the present moment, it is difficult to gain skill in the realm of Esports, since the Esports Pod has not been built yet. Also, as mentioned, only 34 universities across America offer a scholarship in Esports. But hopefully, many more colleges and universities across the country will see the benefits to adding a scholarship to Esports to their repertoire. Such benefits include the aforementioned large sums of money that can be won. The casinos aren’t the only ones who can sponsor those who chose to pursue a scholarship in Esports. If the college chooses to sponsor the rising Esports participant, then they will most likely be entitled to a slice of the cake that is their ultimate winnings.

There’s also a lot more than just money that can be won. To some, glory and recognition can be more valuable than money. And it’s entirely possible for both of those things to be brought to any college or university that has an Esports scholarship. If someone who obtains a degree in Esports makes it big in the field, then the rest of the country, if not the world, will know where they learned all that they know about the trade and become more invested in it themselves. Before long, that college may find itself with an influx of new students seeking a degree in Esports. With all that new money and recognition, the college can potentially soar to new heights.

Of course, colleges, universities, and casinos need not be the only ones that can be sponsors in this endeavor. Any company, such as internationally recognized brands like Coca-Cola, to relatively new startup businesses can get in on this action. Some companies, like a vast number of professional football and soccer teams across America, as well as a fair number of baseball and basketball teams, have already been contacted about the possibility of sponsoring this program. But it can expend further, much further, than just professional sports teams. Any company is more than welcome to sponsor a rising star in the world of Esports. Much like how each individual driver in a NASCAR race is sponsored by a certain company, some of these same companies, and perhaps many more, can sponsor the individuals who seek to build a career in the realm of Esports. Much like the NASCAR sponsors, the Esports sponsors can expect a fair amount should those that they sponsor do well. One of the biggest things that these sponsors will be given is recognition in new circles. As stated, NASCAR sponsors get a fair amount for their services, but not everyone enjoys watching NASCAR. However, many people enjoy gambling, and once the Esports program is up and running and people begin to participate in it, the sponsors will soon see their names plastered in places they might not have ever imagined before. This new exposure is more than likely to generate new interest and new business for them. And new interest and new business can only mean one thing: new sources of income and more money as a result.

As stated, Esports is a venue in which there can be multiple winners. And not just those who participate in it will be able to win. Those who work behind the scenes will also win in this endeavor. I dare say that they will be the true winners. Not only will they help to bring the exciting concept of Esports to the forefront like it deserves, but they themselves have the potential to get a lot of money, recognition, and exposure for themselves along the way. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting at least one of those three things, much less all of them. Assuming that the Esports program goes off as it is hoped, then one thing is certain: Esports is going to have a long and interesting future ahead of it. Those who work to make it happen can easily say the same thing if they play their part in this.

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